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Traditional Byzantine-Slavonic Cross. Used by many Eastern Orthodox and the Byzantine-Catholic Metropolia of the US.

The new Church at Boronyavo.
The original Chapel, Boronyavo Church (1998).

Children and adults working on construction of the parish house in Gurok, Summer 2002.

Original foundation for Gurok parish house, Spring, 2002.

Partly completed Parish House for St Michael the Archangel Parish in Gurok, Trans-Carpathian Oblast. All work was done by adults

Seminary Dining room with traditional lace trim at windows and large wooden crucifix. Food is sometimes in short supply, but the company is good.

Seminarians with retired Bishop Semedi (left, died in 2008) and Bishop Sashik (right) in Seminary courtyard with statue of Blessed Theodore Romzha, Bishop and Martyr. The short nun to the right of the statue is Sister Teofilia, OSBMl (died 2008), who was with Bishop Theodore on the night he was killed. For witnessing his execution in the hospital, Sister was exiled to the Arctic, where she prayed to God often for protection through the holy martyr's intercession. She has outlived all her persecutors.

Seminarians in the former chapel, 2001. A new chapel has been built on the site where Blessed Theodore's relics rested temporarily when his body was returned to Uzhgorod in 2003.

The Seminary from a distance. Originally, the students had to sleep in railroad boxcars - progress has been made!

Seminarians in the chapel - look how full it is!

Success in Eastern Slovakia. These show the renovation of the church interior and icon-screen of the Greek-Catholic church in the town of Trebisov. Your donations allowed this church to be brought back to its full splendor of pre-communist days, and helped with the beginning of a youth center.

Exterior of Assumption of Our Lady Church with traditional Cross to left. The doors are decorated for the arrival of the Bishop.

Bishop Milan Chautur celebrating the Divine Liturgy in the restored church.

The iconostas and church ceiling in all its splendor.

The Icon Screen and Sanctuary of Saint Michael Greek Catholic Church in Miskolc, Hungary. The altar itself is covered by a traditional baldachino, and Our Lady Queen of Hungary is on the apse wall behind it.

Your gifts of Liturgy intentions help young priests' families like these - Father Gabor Janka, now pastor of Saint John Greek Catholic Church in Kazincbarcika, Hungary.

A contemporary icon of our Holy Father Saint Nicholas, patron of the Bzyantine Ruthenian Catholic Church, from the hand of Father Gabor Janka, now pastor of Saint John Greek Catholic Church in Kazincbarcika, Hungary.

Blessed Leonid Feodorv, Exarch of Byzantine Catholics in Russia in the USSR, Martyr for Unity of the Churches, died in exile in 1935 without the Holy Sacraments. Beatified in 2001.

Blessed Theodore Romzha, ordained as the Red Army advanced across Trans-Carpathia in 1944 at the age of 33. He led the Greek Catholic Church heroically under tremendously difficult circumstances. Because of his example, most of the seminarians chose to be ordained as priests despite the obvious danger from the Soviets. On November 1, 1947, he was executed in the Mukachevo Hospital by lethal injection after surviving an attempted assasination.

Blessed Theodore had hoped to be a secret missionary to the USSR - instead the USSR came to him, and he did his best to evangelize the Communist regime. His memory strengthened the faithful who were driven underground from 1949 - 1989 in the Trans-Carpathian Oblast. His relics now repose in the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Uzhorod.
This is a picture done when he was a student in Rome, at the Russicum College, from the hand of Miklos Toth.

Photos of the reception of the Relics of Blessed Theodore Romzha in Uzhorod, Trans-Carpathian Oblast, Ukraine; by the clergy of the Eparchy of Mukachevo, September, 2003.

Bishop Semedi welcoming the relics of our holy martyr, Blessed Theodore Romzha.

Procession Entering Uzhorod Castle where Union was signed in 1646 of Byzantine Ruthenian Church with Holy See of Rome. Banner of Bishop Romzha above gate, from the portrait done of him in Rome as a student. The clergy are wearing red and purple in his honor as a martyr for the Faith.

A procession with relics through city streets of Uzhorod to seminary

The Representative of the Pope - Roman cardinal Roger Echegaray and our Bishop Milan Sasik.

The liturgy with relics of Bishop Romzha at site of old chapel where the Union was signed in 1646.

Photograph of Father Ivan Maslej, last survivor of the attack on Blessed Theodore Romzha in 1947, welcoming the relics on their return to Uzhhorod.

The clergy took turns carrying the holy relics. Here, a priestly father and son team take their turn. On the right, Father Mikhail Shelemba of Bilky. On the left, his son, Father Vitalii Shelemba of Berehovo-Kugor.

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