Another New Church

Zarichanska Village, Perechyn Raion

Great joy was felt by the faithful and all guests who came to this village for a holiday on November 20. Bishop Milan consecrated a new church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin. At the end of Liturgy, concelebrated by the Bishop with 14 priests, letters of thanks were given to foreign and domestic benefactors.

Indeed, thank God, that building a new church put an end to the enmity of the two religious communities. Bishop Milan thanked the Greek Catholic community, which thus ended an unworthy situation. 

The present masonry church was erected in 1765-1770 to replace an older wooden church. As other churches of our diocese, the temple was taken in 1949 by the Russian Orthodox. After the legalization of Mukachevo Greek Catholic diocese the Orthodox failed to return it, or even to allow alternate prayer services . For 17 years the Greek-Catholic faithful prayed at the walls of God\s house in the heat, rain and cold.

Debate over use of this church lasted until 2007. It was then that Fr.  Vladimir Malakiyev managed to convince people that the only way out of this situation is to build a new church. Thanks to the assistance of the district and village councils, land was allocated [In Ukraine, land is permanently leased to the churches by local governments, but not sold- editor]. Bishop Milan consecrated the plot with the cross and the cornerstone of the future temple on September 22, 2007.

While construction continued, the Greek Catholic congregation prayed for four winters in a military tent. To erect the church, help came from local sponsors and sacrifices of the believers, and the Roman Catholic parish of St.. Vincent from Rome (Italy) diocese and the city of Augsburg (Germany).

Another New Church

Bishop Milan Sasik leads the congregation in prayer before anointing the altar of the new church.