Welcoming First Year Seminarians At SS. Cyril and Methodius Spiritual College, Khust

Welcoming First Year Seminarians

A new college house stands in Khust, at the parish of Saint Stephen the Martyr. This college, dedicated to SS. Cyril and Methodius, like our seminary in Pittsburgh, serves as a house of transition. Here young men are introduced not only to the study of theology and scripture, but become familiar with the new routines of seminary life. In the chapel (shown above) they come together for the full cycle of church services: Matins, Hours, Vespers, and devotions such as the Moleben to the Mother of God and service in honor of Bishop-Martyr Theodore Romzha. They make the transition from their previous life into seminary life. This program helps them make an easy move into the regular seminary in Uzhhorod.

The picture is from a special meeting with Bishop Milan Sasik, CM, on November 27, in which he presents them with their first semester grades.