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Hudlovo parish


Every village, and every parish in every town, sponsors procession of the Cross during Great Lent. Here are splendid photos from Hudlovo parish. Procession of the Cross, Hudlovo village. The larger-than-life cross is carried by changing groups of people while everyone sings mournful hymns and recites prayers of the Passion and Suffering of Christ. Can we get Americans to do something like this for over an hour?

The Cathedral on Good Friday


Good Friday procession begins at Cathedral. Bishop Milan Sasik preaches at Good Friday Vespers.

Велика вечірня з виносом Плащаниці

Great Vespers and the Procession of the Holy Shroud

Blessing of the Cornerstone

 Blessing of cornerstone of a parish house (residence, library, classrooms) for a new parish in the midst of housing estate in Uzhorod. Outdoor Liturgies and processions are one way to do outreach to the population to inspire them to return to, or investigate for the first time, the Ruthenian Greek Catholic Church.


Архієрейська Служба Божа та освячення наріжного каменю під будівництво парафіяльного будинку

Episcopal Divine Liturgy and consecration of the corner stone of the future parish house

Blessing of Easter Baskets


Bishop Milan blessing Easter baskets for paschal meal, after the midnight services at the cathedral. During Soviet times, the Greek Catholic priests could only bless baskets at night, and this custom has endured in freedom.

Пасхальне Всеношне та архієрейське освячення пасок

Paschal night service and Hierarchal blessing of the easter bread

Hierarchical Divine Liturgies